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07.27.2013 , 05:45 PM | #7
All of the questions listed so far are pretty good, the biggest problem I have with picking one is that they all feel more like something I want answered because I'm curious/interested, and not so much because they're actually an "issue" that I want addressed.

I'd probably throw my vote towards number 5, since I feel it's been largely overlooked in the last two PvP maps in favor of basic LoS designs.

With that said, we do have a third question available after our PvP and PvE ones are decided, and from the looks of it we could very easily get a hybrid PvP/PvE question out of questions 3 or 4.

Question 3 fits right in with the PvE question of whether or not Laze Target will ever be addressed, and could potentially even be expanded to encompass cooldowns in general: both offensive and defensive. No reason to limit it to one or two specific abilities.

Question 4 could be reworded to fit in with the PvE question 3, in regards to the balance issues of Lethality and whether or not we can see more of it's damage focus shifted back into single target sustained damage (to both buff the PvE DPS and shift some of the focus off "spam dotting" in PvP).