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So I'd like to understand how the Gunslinger Saboteur build can be so high compared to other pure dps builds, the sent for instance. Doesn't this show the Sab build is a little op and may get a nerf at some point.

Now before someone goes off on one me about nerfs I'm not asking for anything to be nerfed, I myself have 3 slingers.

I'm simply asking because a guildie says its fotm for sab slingersa then and means less competition for the other classes and possibly in need of a nerf if it really pulls 500 odd dmg more than anyone else...
Dummy parses are up next to a wall, which guarantees all 5 scatter bombs landing, which adds up to 25% of the gunslingers damage. That parse is basically ideal conditions of a Sab slinger with a large boss or the boss posted up against a wall. The spec is stupid fun in raids. Go to here for more information