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LOL. Actually, any election with more than two parties will be unable to find any voting method which meets all fairness criterion. Hooray math!

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I'm sorry that you feel that way. As I have stated before, it is a community effort to provide questions. Of course I have my own biases but I firmly understand that for the continued success of the game, ALL PvP and PvE issues must be addressed. It is not the candidate alone providing questions but the community as a whole. They are simply facilitators for people like yourself. If anyone wants to chat about commando, learn more about me, or simply see how I play, come join me over on my stream

I have to be honest, I spend most of my time over on the Bastion Server forums setting up events like this:
Server Wide 1v1 Tournament:
Open World PvP Event:

The game is what we make it. That is why I spend so much time setting up events like these to bring the Bastion community together in fun rivalries. Am I the biggest PvE player? Not by a long shot. But I have done enough pve or watched enough videos/streams to understand the boss mechanics of almost every fight. I have the GM of suckafish (notable PvE guild on bastion holding many world firsts) on my skype who I can call at anytime if I wanted some clarification on a pve issue. I most likely cannot change your opinion of me Archangel because it seems to have been set in stone since I was nominated. But I assure everyone, PvE will be properly represented in the questions.

Odawgg, a notable PvE player will most like win the Mercenary class.
I think it is important for whoever is elected to coordinate with the other advanced class. Especially since the Mercenary questions come long before the commando questions. I guarantee that Odawgg will have the PvE side covered, however it would be good to have a seasoned ranked player in the mix as well.

Also, you may find it interesting to see that Bioware devs frequently visit my stream:

Btw: I applaud all the commando's out there for not turning this opportunity into hate filled spite areas as seen in other advanced class forums. Hopefully we can get Cash to make a campaign video like those going on in the marauder and assassin forums. or this

Actions speak louder than words mate.

If elected, you need to be discussing commando HERE, not telling people that if they want to discuss it they have to go to your Twitch stream. All well and good to say the position is as a facilitator for the commando community. I agree completely. But when you say "if you wanna discuss things with me, you're welcome to come to my Twitch stream anytime", well that leads to my lack of confidence.

I haven't really been involved with the Merc community at all, though I've lurked enough in Aerro's guide that I do trust Odawgg to represent us, but still that isn't my class community this is. Knowing the boss fight mechanics is all well and good, but that you try to use that as some kind of assurance is honestly one of the things that has worried me since you first posted in the nomination thread. That's like me saying "well I've played in warzones and I know how all the objectives work". It's a good thing but you aren't gonna honestly believe it qualifies me to comment on Commando performance in PVP, let alone ranked PVP, which has much more to do with class issues themselves rather than the different warzone objectives. Boss fights are much the same way. Very few of our issues if any have to really do with mechanics of the individual fights.You'd have done much more to assuage my doubts if you'd said you Odawgg on Skype rather than the GM of suckafish. One hopes one can lead to the other and I would hope based on what you've said you'll be in direct contact with him, but stil.

Maybe my distrust comes from the fact that from the beginning your posts read like you've been campaigning for the spot, and I inherently distrust politicians in any forum because they'll say what they thing the voters wanna hear to get elected and your posts read too much like that. Is it really fair to paint you with that brush by association? Probably not, but the association is there in my mind nonetheless.
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