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Please BW, choosing representatives for class balance is a great idea on paper. Do not botch it up by wanting to speed up the process. If you don't want to put in the work, time and effort in choosing a well rounded and qualified representative, then do not do it at all. Otherwise, the least you could do is oblige my request for credentials.
You seem to be mistaken about class rep role, like so many other people.

BW wants to create some in-depth replies to issues community finds most pressing. But if they picked those issues, someone is bound to get mad "They avoid my issue on purpose". So they delegate responsibility of picking issues to community, and that is where class rep comes in. Gets selected. Gathers from community what he should ask about. Submits his list. And he's done. He might get called in if his counterpart from mirror class is unavaible 2 months later, but that's it. For next round of questions, next representative is selected.

Why oh why would they spend few months between each 4 month cycle of questions to carefully to pick who gets to make a list of questions? Representative does not get any power outside of his 3 questions. He can't get BW to do 'this' or 'that'. He does not provide any 'personal' feedback that BW is supposed to act upon. He makes list of 3 questions from community. We don't need rocket scientist with diploma and bunch of certificates for that.