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Yep! I do hope, if we every end up asking this question, that Engineering scatter bombs is doing the DPS they intended >_<. I'd be semi-sad if they say,

Reason why i dont want engineering to become "just another dot class" is right now, with its current reliance on the rolling mechanic to do top dps, it gives you a very high-risk high-reward form of playstyle. See this recent post on the Engineering sticky thread.

Oh wait till you do 16-m NiM Operator IX. Those adds melt (healers) and tanks!

There are SOME fights in the game where AoE damage is (semi) important but right now there is more emphasis on single target DPS.

p.s. which Engineering CAN provide! The boss just gotta be large enough.
Sorry don't know fancy quoting techniques. Tbh I forgot about operator he he.

And for the p.s. I was referring to engi w/o roll