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That's the question in our minds. Is Engineering in an ok place right now? In paper, a few hundred DPS above the other specs on large bosses, and a few hundred DPS below the other specs on small bosses.

If say, you want Engineering to be close to the other specs across the board, then that means shifting a big bulk of its DPS from Scatter Bombs ( rolling ) to other abilities in the conventional single target rotation. That could mean nerfing Scatter Bombs and buffing abilities like SoS or EP or PP.

Imo: i hope Engineering/Saboteur stays the same (and that they designed the spec exactly like how we play it now). But who knows It is a good question though, if anyone wants to step in and formulate one (not sure i think it is in the spreadsheet already(?)
Honestly i feel that this question actually goes beyond justewngi/sab slingers and snipers. This game has 4 major AOE specs, Engi/sab(us), AP/tactics(the power5tech/VGs), and sent/mara smash and jugg/guardian smash. Since the beginning of the game single target specs > AOE specs in terms of damage, with the AOEs balancing out with adds and such. That's great and all, but seeing as in most cases adds really are not a big deal and can just be killed in most cases by the rest of the single target dps, then what is the point of taking anybody in an AOE spec? Why should an AOE spec need fluff damage in order to be on par?

Every spec outside of infil/deception shadow/sins has some sort of semi buffed AOE move in their arsenal, so why take an AOE spec?

With the roll engi/Sab has a reason to be brought on at least half of the bosses, which is better to say for some of the other specs in the game, but if we end up losing that roll then there no point of specing an engi/Sab spec unless its single target gets semi buffed.