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Let me know when you guys feel like putting your e-peens back in your pants. In the mean-time, I don't care if you've seen one of the nominated players do great one time somewhere somehow. Show me some screenshots/videos/written guides/parses or anything that can show me:
1. Their devotion and commitment to them being my representative.
2. Their qualifications and knowledge of the class (Otherwise it really is just a popularity contest).

Please BW, choosing representatives for class balance is a great idea on paper. Do not botch it up by wanting to speed up the process. If you don't want to put in the work, time and effort in choosing a well rounded and qualified representative, then do not do it at all. Otherwise, the least you could do is oblige my request for credentials.

Finally, I am posting this only in the sentinel forum but this truly applies to all advanced classes currently in game, I just don't have the desire to needlessly multi-post to prove my point. If you agree with me, please let your opinion be heard and spread the demand around. Oh, and keep the e-peens away from this.
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