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Well, as a deception assassin im currently in the progressive runs for my guild, but im hardly a permanent member. Our guild doesnt have that many good DPS atm, so i have a place..for the the time being. Our team has 3 other snipers..and me . They mostly out dps me, but im no slouch, depends highly on the fight. Im starting to play around with balance because its better for certain fights, but im comfortable with deception atm. If you have the choice, and your not attached to your sin, go sniper. But as someone else mentioned its more about the player than the class, well, for the most part.
Well, thats what I suspected ... I'll retire my Sin then and will only use it for crafting then. And now I have to decide between my Sent and my Sniper!

between Republic and Empire!
between Jedi and Sith!


(sry, way too dramatical :/)
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