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I'm a long way off being able to give my opinion on a geared 55 perspective however i have to agree with allot of what Psi has to say, i struggled to decide on what i would play when i came back to SWTOR in prep for 2.4 but after countless hours and re-learning the Sorc/Sage class i decided that despite the crap on the forums i had little to none of the common place issues people were stating.

My honest opinion is that allot of the problems i read about day to day ont he forums can be broken down into a few simple categories:

1) Genuine Concern for the classes lacking aspects, neither Psi or myself will claim blissful ignorance about the class, Sorcs are far from in a great spot right now but they are also far from being in a bad place. We can bring unrivaled utility if played well and the emphasis is on PLAYED WELL

2) Which brings me to the second point LACK OF BASIC MECHANICAL PLAY - the Sorc/Sage player base as a whole lacks basic mechanical skills i wont go into depth on this because people will not listen its that simple but guys you lack basic mechanics even i do and so does Psi we all mess up the key is limiting factors that hinder your play.

3) Outright refusal to believe its a lack of skill - this goes beyond mechanics and into people not having gear, not being at end game, being focus fired etc etc people cry and moan because they outright refuse to believe that they could have done anything different or that in the situation there simply was no way out (yes it happens death is unavoidable at times).

TLDR: Psi doesn't see faults unless there genuinely are faults, at least from what I've seen/read so far which is why he gets my vote
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