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Bleh wish I had voted for cash. For that matter wish I could give my votes to him. Sorry manic but your posts make me pretty sure you won't give two craps about our PVE performance, whereas I trust Cash to be able to adequately represent us in both.
I'm sorry that you feel that way. As I have stated before, it is a community effort to provide questions. Of course I have my own biases but I firmly understand that for the continued success of the game, ALL PvP and PvE issues must be addressed. It is not the candidate alone providing questions but the community as a whole. They are simply facilitators for people like yourself. If anyone wants to chat about commando, learn more about me, or simply see how I play, come join me over on my stream

I have to be honest, I spend most of my time over on the Bastion Server forums setting up events like this:
Server Wide 1v1 Tournament:
Open World PvP Event:

The game is what we make it. That is why I spend so much time setting up events like these to bring the Bastion community together in fun rivalries. Am I the biggest PvE player? Not by a long shot. But I have done enough pve or watched enough videos/streams to understand the boss mechanics of almost every fight. I have the GM of suckafish (notable PvE guild on bastion holding many world firsts) on my skype who I can call at anytime if I wanted some clarification on a pve issue. I most likely cannot change your opinion of me Archangel because it seems to have been set in stone since I was nominated. But I assure everyone, PvE will be properly represented in the questions.

Odawgg, a notable PvE player will most like win the Mercenary class.
I think it is important for whoever is elected to coordinate with the other advanced class. Especially since the Mercenary questions come long before the commando questions. I guarantee that Odawgg will have the PvE side covered, however it would be good to have a seasoned ranked player in the mix as well.

Also, you may find it interesting to see that Bioware devs frequently visit my stream:

Btw: I applaud all the commando's out there for not turning this opportunity into hate filled spite areas as seen in other advanced class forums. Hopefully we can get Cash to make a campaign video like those going on in the marauder and assassin forums. or this
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