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07.27.2013 , 04:02 AM | #13
Marauders are an issue yes, also LoS is a part of the game so it has every right to be used as a condition. As far as face tanking snipers, if we did rule out LoS then that means you're face tanking them. Don't get me wrong though, there are plenty of issues with this class and there are plenty of other ACs that are extremely scary to go up against like the AP PT or Marauder.

I also believe that a lot of people blow this class' lack of survivability way out of proportion. Among most ACs this is one of the harder classes to kill when played correctly whether in heals or dps spec. Now I imagine the "what if more people jump in" card will be played but as with any class, add in one more enemy and they will likely die or at the very least be pressured so much that they can't perform their job as well as they could (scoundrel healers might be an exception). An example of this is lightning, if 1-2 people who know how to interrupt jump on the sorc he is likely to get little to no damage out while attempting to re-position.

Long story short is it comes down to understanding the class, using the environment, ability priority, what you can and cannot do against certain classes, the list goes on forever. We have issues with many ACs just as they have issues with us and to think that I believe our class is perfect is completely incorrect. What I think is that most of the gripes on the forums comes from a general lack of knowledge of the class itself or other classes.