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07.26.2013 , 08:46 PM | #76
Ok, the "intended" trade was supposedly that the got rid of all the "side drops" and increase the chance of good drops. Did I get that right? So how do all the gray "promising digs" fit into the equation?

It sure as hell doesnt feel like I'm getting more good digs. They did on the other hand replace the crappy green/blue finds with even worse gray ones....and got rid of all the extra know...the stuff that kept you going. I'm willing to bet that they didnt increase the chance of good hits and if they did it was only by 1-2%, to the point that it's not noticeable. It also feels like it's much harder to actually pin point the promising item, or maybe it just feels that way because every dig up until that point is a red one.

So in conclusion, BW, you need to read the manual on how to make a fun game. Everything els in this game is casual so going from handing out stuff to certain groups (read: PvE'ers who want to PvP) to adding a really annoying time sink is a pretty bold move. I don't even care about the speeder parts and other crap, I just want the armor.....but I refuse to do it if I have to spend 99 % of the time getting nothing.

Edit: Another sessions, another complete waste of time and credits. I managed to dig up 4 gray items, 5 burrowed creatures and 1 GSI boost before I called it quits. I'm starting to get seriously pissed about it.

To make things worse you might spend 2 hours digging up crap just to have someone els deplete the area. Something has to change.