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Correlation is not causation.

Strange argument to bring up though, given that the most popular games on the market are generally considered dumbed down for casuals. It's clearly a rather successful strategy. (and no, I don't like it - I'm not a casual player at all).

If this were a solo game, I would love content as hard as pre-nerf DG. As it is, though, you need at least 7 other people to do ops, and most people have jobs and whatnot and simply don't have the time required to complete that level of difficulty. So for the sake of me ever doing such content, I'm happy it's easier. It's still bloody hard though. Anyone who says it isn't has a *very* unusual conception of difficulty.
You know it is NiM your suppose to be challenged, novel idea in todays games. its not like they put a ton of money into just the NiM Mode, you have story so you can do the encounters and you still have hard modes . They pushed their sliding bars over and added a mechanic or 2. So the money thing is meh. So am hearing a lot of whoa is me, gimme loot cause I deserve it for beating the payment boss, where is my medal for participation.
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