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If it's going to be fixed soon, then I assume the developers have some idea on buffing Saboteur/Engineering damage to the point where it's much closer to the other specs.
That's the question in our minds. Is Engineering in an ok place right now? In paper, a few hundred DPS above the other specs on large bosses, and a few hundred DPS below the other specs on small bosses.

If say, you want Engineering to be close to the other specs across the board, then that means shifting a big bulk of its DPS from Scatter Bombs ( rolling ) to other abilities in the conventional single target rotation. That could mean nerfing Scatter Bombs and buffing abilities like SoS or EP or PP.

Imo: i hope Engineering/Saboteur stays the same (and that they designed the spec exactly like how we play it now). But who knows It is a good question though, if anyone wants to step in and formulate one (not sure i think it is in the spreadsheet already(?)
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