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I believe that I have read a post somewhere where someone wasn't getting any achievements for NiM EV. I'll look for that post and add it to the known issues if there are other people having the problem.

I'm about done with Line Bisector, though just discovered that it can be cheesed. The things that are going to be the bottleneck for 100% in events, though, are probably the slug/wampa kills since it's harder to get/organize groups for those, while competing with the opposite faction for the bosses.

And on a side note, I wish more people would queue with their Jawas. I'm only at 20something for that achievement.
I guess it depends alot on what server you are on
I got my WB acheivement in less the 24 hours lol i got them all with pugs and theres always people forming for them
What really took me a long time was teh blasted much wasted time when i could be killing imps and pubs >.<

Out of curiosity are there people kill trading for achievements on other servers? I dont care much bout "cheating" just seems silly since its not hard to kill orb carriers...well assuming your not a healer

EDIT: also when they add 2.3 the events section of achievements is gonna radically change mostly 'cause of bounty contracter week how are ya gonna handle it? are you gonna manually convert the percentages or just wipe clean?