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I'm not sure exactly what credentials you're looking for. Screenshots of million+ damage warzones with high objective points? Videos of prospective representatives downing nightmare bosses? Testimonials from guild mates? Class representatives are to bring the *community* needs to the developers. Being a consistent forum contributor is exactly the qualification that matters. Knowing the class is important so you can communicate sanely and sift through what community questions are the most significant, but it's not like you need to be an Elite Warlord from Beyond to achieve that.
This is exactly what needed to be said. My vote was based on who knows the class well enough (i.e. knows the name of the abilities and can read the skill tree), who has proven to be a good communicator, and would respect the position and its role.

Whoever is the most skilled at PvP/PvE isn't what Bioware is looking for. Bioware just wants someone who can reliably relay primary concerns of the community about a class to the community team who hands it off to the combat team. To put it simply, they want someone to do the work of an intern without officially bringing them into the company.