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Really??? How many cleared Sunwell and Naxx 40 in comparison to the population? Last I check those were the 2 largest period of growth for Blizzard. And now that everyone can see the content, their population is steadily declining. History proves your theory wrong
You do realize that the gaming culture was decidedly different nearly a decade ago. These comparisons of SWTOR to WoW are ridiculous. Extended periods of playing (8-10 hour marathon sessions) and raiding was a job (40+ hours a week) not a game.

Frankly at that time period of the growth of the MMO, there was a much larger portion of gamers who yearned for that type of content. The majority of said players are for all intensive purposes extinct.
  • WoW: 1% of 10,000,000: 100,000 players.
  • SWTOR: 1% of 700,000: 7,000 players.

So for Blizzard that is 100,000 players paying a subscription to pay developers for the hardest content, compared to 7,000 players for Bioware. And frankly, saying 1% of SWTOR players are completing the content is generous. In it's original form, it is actual fractions of a percent. In addition, WoW was not F2P, which means, they were being paid by EVERYONE playing which means even if only 1% of players saw the content, it was enough to keep them developing it.

You also have to add in to the fact, that none of this "content" is new. It is the same raids tuned for higher levels of gear and coordination.

So your comparisons are apples to oranges, and do nothing to add to the actual debate that nerfing the encounter good or bad for SWTOR. Subscriptions are dwindling, content is released at a snails pace.

So history has proven nothing, other than allowing you to make idiotic comparisons.

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