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This thread is for discussion on the questions the PVP Sniper/Gunslinger community wants BW to answer. What is the PVP community's most pressing concern?

This spreadsheet is to make the questions "readily available" to viewers. I've added questions from the other thread and you can view them here

As you compile your top 3 keep in mind that the goal is provide commentary and specifically questions to the development team which you wish have them address. Try to phrase things in the way of questions that we can answer.

Bad example: You guys are aware that we suck in PvP right?

Good example: We feel that in general our class lacks some utility and cc in comparison to other classes in Warzones. As an example (your reasoning), do you guys feel we are in a good place here? Do you also feel this is an issue?
We need 1 PVE question, 1 PVP question and one other (determined by most votes). If you find a question you like you can vote now or change it before our deadline which is 8/2/13 this Friday.

8/2 - PVP Sniper/Gunslinger community questions
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