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The fact that I'm the "only one" to recognize anni/watchmans capabilities in pvp is a scary thought indeed.
Or maybe the entire PvP community isn't wrong and you just need need to wake up? Do you seriously think it's ok that it's not viable for ranked in any map? It's obviously great for duels and pug stomping, but why be content with relegating it to those PvP situations? It's very similar to the situation with scrapper scoundrel/concealment op. Anyway, we've had this argument before and obviously neither of us is going to concede, so we should probably just agree to disagree.

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One last point, my youtube videos are hardly an indication of what I do. They are put up there for fun. I often contemplated not uploading them just because of the difference in performance when the game is fps dipping, and made worse when fraps is fired up. The reason I haven't been uploading as much lately is due to SWTORs continued performance degradation coupled with fraps own impact on fps. (Which has a serious impact on performance as a player) If you would like to meet me in game perhaps, I can show you all about annihilation, we can see who bursts who down the fastest, and who will really be the one made fun of.
That's fine- normally I wouldn't call someone out for underperforming in their videos- but since you're the one who started s*** talking the candidates, I don't really feel bad about it. What server are you on? Please, teach me your ways oh great one.

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Which can easily be done given the circumstances of a match as outlined above. Nothing amazing there. High DPS does not = good player. It indicates an inability to execute your target.
Or just that a decent main fight occurred with competent healers on both sides.

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Not at all. I merely care about my class and am voicing my concerns that players who have absolutely no idea what they're doing are being chosen to represent it. I wouldn't even take the opportunity myself if it were given to me, I don't consider myself to be the best, but I know more than those who are listed above, and that's a scary thought.
If you honestly think you know more what you're talking about than the current candidates, maybe you should run for the position next time around?