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Would you (everyone is meant here) carry a Deception-Sin to a Progressraid? As a permanent member?
(I know, I know, I already askes this in the former threat but since that time I tried to find even a HM-operationgroup and got denied, a friend (Mara) got 5 invites! (Both random)

Edit: Same gearlevel!

I hope someone can help me (again :/), thanks!
I mostly play Balance on my Shadow but will switch to Infiltration depending on the fight. I have a permanent spot in our guild progression team and I was part of our guild Pre-pre-nerf Dreadguard kill. Also there is another guild on my server that runs a dps Shadow in their progression team. Im a pretty firm believer that you should bring the player and not the class. I mean could I do more dps on my sentinal than my Shadow? Maybe, but I'm 100% more comfortable raiding on my shadow and know when I can get away with things that I may not be able to get away with on a sentinal.

Hope that was the type of answer you were looking for.
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