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Way too far behind comment wise but I greatly appreciate the way you guys keep me entertained through sometime hideously long and terrible work days. Small notes;

- Glad to see you back Irish!
- @ Bright: Seems like you've taken over the "let's make our agents miserable" category I've been really enjoying it, though, especially as I'm trying to grapple with writing some stuff for my own agent (who, admittedly, is very different than Wynston).
- @ Marissalf; you're officially back in my good graces for your Vector pieces
- in general, happy to see some of our newer posters continuing to write, always nice to see

Character: Amitia (JK)
Prompt: Well, that's awkward (I guess? Was thinking Discoveries but that's not quite right)
Notes: Set...uh...say around Alderaan. Mild JK spoiler from Tatooine.


Character: Olympia (JC)
Prompt: LF1M
Notes: Set before Hoth. Mentions a couple of companions, slightly snarky implications about the JC.


Character: Amurri (BH)
Prompt: LF1M
Notes: Sometime in Act 2? No game spoilers, mild companion spoiler for Ayrs/my trooper.

Finest mediocre fanfic this side of the Outer Rim:Trooper / Inquisitor