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Hey Paowee. I don't post on the forums too often so I doubt I'm the best facilitator, but I'm definitely happy to help you get a start on the PvP portion of the upcoming sniper discussion.

I think we'll meet less resistance from the sniper PvP community than some of the classes, because our class is overall very strong and consistent for both regular and ranked PvP. All three trees are effective and fill a different niche, making sniper one of the most well-designed and balanced classes, in my opinion. That said, there's always room for improvement and I do see a few issues potentially worth discussing.

Some questions I might ask:

1. With 4v4 arenas on the horizon, one concern about the value of the sniper class is its lack of any significant offensive cooldown(s) compared to some of the other ACs. Snipers are capable of some of the highest and most consistent DPS in the game, but are also quite predictable because of cast abilities requiring static line of sight and lack of any dynamic burst that comes along with a valuable offensive cooldown. While useful in their own right, Target Acquired and Laze Target don't have the same on-demand impact that one comes to expect from an offensive cooldown. Are there any plans to address either one of these abilities, considering their slightly underwhelming impact in PvP?

2. Since patch 2.0, the Lethality tree has received significant overall improvement. However, the quality of life change that decreased the resource cost of Corrosive Grenade / Corrosive Dart greatly simplified the spec, making energy management much more of an afterthought than it was prior to 2.0. Additionally, this change dramatically increased the proportion of Lethality damage dealt by DoTs compared to other abilities, slightly decreasing the relative value of many now lesser-used abilities. Are there any plans to further adjust Lethality so that it might become less reliant on the spreading of Corrosive Grenade and more dependent on varied ability use?

(not sure on the wording of this one - basically Lethality has been dumbed down a lot since 2.0 and might be more fun if it was made less one-dimensional)

Some general issues that might spark other questions:

- there's currently a bug wherein jump-cancelling the animation of Covered Escape prevents you from moving, dropping the after-effect of engineering bombs / lethality mine at your present location. This is easily exploitable in the case of engineering, allowing you to drop 15-30k damage in the span of 2 globals in some instances.

- on arenas in patch 2.4, will there be ample use of z-axis for map design? This can make or break snipers and most other ranged dps in my opinion. The z-axis is the single most important thing ranged can exploit versus melee, even over line of sight, so as a sniper I'm hoping at least one map has clever z-axis design (like huttball platforms).

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. Hopefully it helps start some discussion if you make a thread on the sniper forums or something. I'm sure other pvpers will have more insight, too. Glad you're the sniper rep, I can tell you put a lot of effort into making the class more enjoyable for people. You can hit me up in game at any point too if you want, since I sometimes forget to check the forums.
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