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Hello! I just wanted to thank everyone for voting (even if it wasn't for me ). This class representative idea is a great initiative and will hopefully bring about some positive changes to the game.

There has a been a lot of discussion about the "ideal" class representative. People seem to be completely confused about the actual responsibility of this position. It has been exaggerated to the point where people believe these representatives will be altering class balance singlehandedly. As such, a "PVE vs PVP" mindset is starting to develop. We don't want this.

The class representative is merely responsible for collecting and organizing the concerns/ideas of the community to present to the developers. While it is beneficial for the representative to be "best in class", the ability to establish a real conversation about class balance is more important.

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Considering the role of the class rep is to compile feedback from the class forums and provide it to the devs. It seems odd that Gudarzz, who is leading this poll, has never posted to the Marauder or Sentinel forums.

I would have thought this class community wanted someone who actually interacted with them.
There have been some posts criticizing my lack of participation in the marauder threads (see above). I would argue that there are other ways to interact with the community outside the forums. I have a strong following. Viewers of all classes and backgrounds (PVE/PVP) come to ask questions AND to provide commentary/feedback on MY gameplay. (i.e. "Gudarzz you noob! Stop smashing without stacks!" or "Gudarzz watch out for the Vanguard!" ). WIth over 35,000 views, 400 + followers, and hundreds of hours of content, my community interaction is certainly not lacking.

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It just seems to me that the people already interested in facilitating and sparking discussion are probably the best candidates, right? If we are just picking a secretary I would rather have someone who already transcribes thoughts.

Plus, it was only three months ago that Gudarzz was quitting the game, what happens if s/he does quit in the next two months before the Marauder questions are actually asked?
Finally, I am not quitting the game. I wouldn't accept the nomination if I was planning to quit.

Hopefully, this clears up some of the confusion. Now get out there and vote!

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