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...Something that people might not even actively participate in, but may now have the motivation to because of this Class Representative program. These people were approached by Eric and showed interest in becoming a Class Rep. That means an interest in facilitating and sparking discussion in the forums. I can be playing the game for a week but if i have good PvE or PVP input (preferrably both! ), and will start to post actively from here on and am good with words, then potentially i can be a good class secretary slash forum compiler as well.
It just seems to me that the people already interested in facilitating and sparking discussion are probably the best candidates, right? If we are just picking a secretary I would rather have someone who already transcribes thoughts.

Plus, it was only three months ago that Gudarzz was quitting the game, what happens if s/he does quit in the next two months before the Marauder questions are actually asked?