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Sentinel - KBN, is there a class you don't play


LOL I declined the nomination to be a Guardian representative, since I don't play that class. I also don't have a Powertech. I play pretty much all of the others though, and I try to play them at a high level (jury's out on how successful I am). :-)

I could say the same thing about you. Every time I turn around, you seem to be mentioning something about raiding with YET ANOTHER class.

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Man you don't even know the half of it. This is going to be such a joke. The people up there just happen to be familiar faces on the forum, and do not have any credibility to back them up other than their self proclaimed knowledge of the class, and the nominations which was essentially based on a popularity contest. Most of these guys don't even know how to properly gear. For those that do have footage of their gameplay, they're either half asleep, or don't fully grasp the basic fundamentals on how to kill a simple target in pvp with their respective specs. (most of which are lolsmash). These are also players who erroneously whine that Annihilation isn't viable in pvp, or that carnage is too difficult to play, and stack accuracy while in rage spec. I can only imagine what its like for other classes.
I have parses up on torparse and on my server's leaderboard thread. My sentinel's name is in my signature. There are some videos of me floating around, but not many as my sentinel *is* an alt and I don't record myself.

I'm not sure exactly what credentials you're looking for. Screenshots of million+ damage warzones with high objective points? Videos of prospective representatives downing nightmare bosses? Testimonials from guild mates? Class representatives are to bring the *community* needs to the developers. Being a consistent forum contributor is exactly the qualification that matters. Knowing the class is important so you can communicate sanely and sift through what community questions are the most significant, but it's not like you need to be an Elite Warlord from Beyond to achieve that.

My vote goes to oofalong, just for the record. He was only nominated for marauder though, so I had to vote on those forums.
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