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Whoever wins should really collaborate with the Mercenary representative. I would really like to have all four nominees join me in Skype so we could talk about the class/state of the game. I would stream this and it would allow fellow players to chime in and get their input from another source outside of the forums. It would also allow bioware to watch the discussions that we have. I was recently told by a bioware dev they looked at my 4v4 duel videos closely in making arenas

General Themes: Assault and Combat medic Concerns, dps burst consistency issues due to the nerf to crit
PvP Question: Lack of utility, compounded by assault/combat medic weaknesses
PvE: Ammo management

As I and others have stated before, commando having a de-guard, or purge of HOTs in the assault tree and tweaking a few abilities in combat medic could revitalize the class.
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