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i think the pve question should force the devs to give us an answer, sicne eric said they are looking into it a month ago.
Well, we've got 2 months to wait and see what they do about the issues they've already recognized, which means that, by the time we ask, they'll have had over 3 months to actually do something about Shadow tanks (and hopefully Phase Walk).

Honestly, I'm *hoping* that the fact that Shadows were put on the absolute back end of the question order was meant to give them time to implement fixes to the things that we've already made a massive fuss about so that we don't waste a question on it. I don't really think that we can, right now, properly gauge what our question should be 2 months from now. Since they've at least *recognized* that we think it's a problem, it's got the *potential* to get fixed by the time we're able to ask about it.
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