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One of those boys hadn't posted a thing on these forums for months.
I see that you are advocating "qualifications" based on # of pots or amount of most recent posts. That is fine everyone is entitled to their own opinion ^_^

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I'll admit that of the higher numbers I'm not very familiar
10.26.2012 . Prior to RotHC, when i was a more frequent lurker of the Sin forums for my Sin alt.

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QFT and good point. People voting for someone because of advertisements or friend relations
I don't think this specific class poll's issue is with the boldened phrases above, i think this poll is "heated" because the nominations are very competitive with each other. As someone has already pointed out
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Both Kitru and NamikazeNaruto... tanking side, having a DPS... in Xin or Waka... slightly different perspective.
Shadow poll lead by Kitru and then we have this poll right here between Xinika and Waka(eaten).

Let's lay some of the facts down to hopefully reduce the amount of misconception regarding the nominees.

Xinika has a lot of PVP DPS video guides on the class forums (shadow forums reposted on the sin forums or vice versa for promulgation. Because of this i will just link the ones posted for the shadows)
Shinarika - Shadow Breaker [Ultimate Jedi Shadow/Sith Assassin Guide]
Shinarika II - Shadow PvP
[Guide-Video] Shinarika 9 and Introduction to 23/1/17 and 13/28 "Arika" Hybrid
Let's Put your spec to the test!
[Warzone Guide] Shinarika Warzonia
Truth about SWTOR's Competitive PvP and how to fix it.

Waka has a lot of PVP DPS perspectives on the class (in the PVP forums mainly)
[PvP Guide] Wakaworld: Your resource for advanced Sith Assassin/Jedi Shadow strategy!
do you not want to see assassins be horribly and needlessly nerfed?
Abilities hitting through shroud breaks the current state of PvP
The Four Pillars of why you should consider running a DPS assassin/shadow in YOUR rwz
same thread on the assassin forums
same thread reposted on other server forums for promulgation
Wakalord's concerns/ideas for DPS assassins/shadows

Both would be good reps. Both contributed, contributes and is contributing right now on the forum outside of this thread. So pick your poison! Everyone, the voters especially, would do well to cease fire and
keep it clean
And finally i guess we can attribute this thread to all the nominees: July Assasin questions - Let's start her up!

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