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LOL. What is to know? Please tell us. Be sure to include your formulas.

1. Begin match.
2. Start QQing in the chat because you got in match with teh noobs
3. Rage Quit.
4. Queue up again.
5. Rinse and repeat.

Something like that? Kitru has tons of posts that deal with gearing, dmg, even DPS if you care to read. And yes, many of them cover pvp. There is nothing to PVP, other than what 5 warzones? Let me take a more serious whack at tanking pvp:

1. Always keep a guard on any team-mate getting attacked (if you can handle switching it mid-fight, if not gaurd your heals).
2. Spam taunts every cooldown
3. Stay in range of pocket heals
4. Spam DW every cooldown, and Force shroud against tech or force attacks.
5. Use phase walk to as both heals buff and escape when breakhout is on cooldown.
6. QQ in chat when team sucks
7. Rage quit

Sound about right? The questions I've seen posted by the leading nominated PVP assassins are complete and utter garbage, and if both Assassin and Shadow reps are PVP then this class is borked forever.
I don't think I've ever read a more disrespectful post shot right @ PvP on these class forums. Also, the chosen reps should not pick questions solely because of their personal liking. They should pick questions based on a community collective. This means like anyone else, they can present their questions, but it does not have to be the selected ones.
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