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What was the point in posting that? Seriously, what are you trying to accomplish?

You're like the only "watchman/anni is underpowered in PvP" denier in the game dude. I don't what you're trying to prove by posting on the forums saying "no no guys anni is fine, you're all just bad". Pretty much everyone either knows it should get at least a little PvP buff, or is alright with consigning it to PvE for some reason. If I were you, I especially wouldn't be saying it's fine in PvP (nor would I call out the nominees for not knowing their class), considering that you don't even break 1k DPS with it in any of your youtube vids. If you want generically call us out for being bad without any substantiation, I suggest you at least remove the link to your youtube channel in your sig to avoid being made fun of.
Not attempting to accomplish anything, this is going to happen whether I like it or not. But I can comment on how much of a joke this will be. The fact that I'm the "only one" to recognize anni/watchmans capabilities in pvp is a scary thought indeed. Especially compared to those who are up there on the poll. Create excuses all you like, but the spec is perfectly fine.

People with that same mindset are exactly whats going to ruin this whole opportunity. If you watch my videos, you'd see that early on not only was I undergeared severely, but that in PVP you are constantly moving, and therefore rarely put up high dps unless its a deadlock at an objective point, and are specificially going for numbers. Maybe thats nice in PVE, but in PVP the point is objectives, not numbers. A low dps also indicates that I actually kill people, and don't waste time beating on healers or other dps who simply shoot themselves back up. That is unless I'm the only person doing it, which isn't always the case, and as you can see in some of the individuals videos who are nominated above they generally have pocket healers on them the entire match and just go for kills/numbers, completely ignoring objectives. Thats not how you play a class, and it certainly doesn't represent skill.

One last point, my youtube videos are hardly an indication of what I do. They are put up there for fun. I often contemplated not uploading them just because of the difference in performance when the game is fps dipping, and made worse when fraps is fired up. The reason I haven't been uploading as much lately is due to SWTORs continued performance degradation coupled with fraps own impact on fps. (Which has a serious impact on performance as a player) If you would like to meet me in game perhaps, I can show you all about annihilation, we can see who bursts who down the fastest, and who will really be the one made fun of.

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ive seen JediMasterSLC do very very well as watchman comabt and focus. Doubling the DPS you have uploaded to youtube (NOT HATING) hes a very good player. I voted him because hes a good friend of mine but mainly because i know he actually cares about the game and wants it to succeed in the future. There are some ppl that might deserve it more then others as some ppl are only doing it to "troll" or be funny be thats how mmos are. He would have made a great rep tho. Luckily for us Gudarazz was doing pretty good in votes last time i checked and hes a great player and will do the marauders/sentinels proud in every aspect of the game
Which can easily be done given the circumstances of a match as outlined above. Nothing amazing there. High DPS does not = good player. It indicates an inability to execute your target. Gudarzz is a clear example of someone who would not do this role justice at all. Watching his performance on stream is enough to make one cringe. As I said before, this is a popularity contest, nothing more.

Quote: Originally Posted by Ardarell_Solo View Post
That post certainly shows a kind of (anti-)social attitude I would never ever want to see in a class representative, regardless of any skill or competence said person has or claims to have.
Not at all. I merely care about my class and am voicing my concerns that players who have absolutely no idea what they're doing are being chosen to represent it. I wouldn't even take the opportunity myself if it were given to me, I don't consider myself to be the best, but I know more than those who are listed above, and thats a scary thought.
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