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07.26.2013 , 08:33 AM | #69
I've been playing since launch, the seeker droid and macro was something i was going to do after i got my main to 55, which I did, and even though i have lots of alts and play super casual, this was something I was looking forward to. I did start the seeker droid mission chain before the patch, and it dropped some good stuff, item mods for my alts and companions. It was also fun to have a reason to go to different planets like tat to do something else besides kill stuff and see the world again. Now with the change i have not touched it, and prob will not. I've decided to start with my alts again.

It is about time = reward, and with the new changes the reward is just not worth it. This ruined the mini game that they created. I still love the game, just wish that they would not change things that they worked so hard to make seem worthless doing., kinda defeats the purpose of implementing them with a nerf.

The space nerf was ok, since it made since that there were people using bots to farm them,,,but this is different, and I don't understand why they did it,, I read in some post that lots of people made tons of credits doing this mini game, well thats cool. You can make tons of credits on the gtn, dailies, crafting, etc. Don't really see the need to nerf this.