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The only problem I have with this post is the talent point builds.

Having played an assassin since my Beta invite in July, I have experience with all three trees. I understand how they work together and how they work against each other. I also fully understand how some abilities get spammed and how others get ignored. It is entirely accurate to say that careful management of the limited force pool is the best way to maximize your rotations, however in some of your talent builds it seems that there are points being used to support skills that will not be used, which is wasteful, and becomes contradictory to your original statement.

Although I do agree that your PVP builds are effective, most people will be completely hybridized in PVP since they can use many of the bonuses from the different trees that will enhance survivability and burst damage.

That being said, you give the link for Darkness 31/0/10 as:
There are many wasteful talents in this build, and many that need to be used:
1. Remove the 2 points you have in Swelling Shadows, it is a moderate increase for a negligible ability. The effect is so negligible, I once did the math, that it amounts to less than 1% overall damage mitigation gained.
2. Instead put these 2 points in Shroud of Darkness and get the extra health, which since it is % based it will scale with your gear and endurance.
3. Disjunction is a pvp tank ability more than pve. In fact, considering that a. you already have a cc breaking move, and b. Force shroud only works when stealth and benefits Maul attacks more than anything, something that won't happen if pve tanking, these provide comforts that will go unused in almost every pve tanking situation, but will be used in almost every pvp tanking situation.
4. Take both points out of Harnessed Darkness. You will not be using Force Lightning when tanking, I repeat, you will not be using Force Lightning when tanking. The fact that it is channeled and is a huge drain on your force pool makes it a waste when trying to maximize your rotation. Having this talent is boosting something you will never use.
5. Instead, take the 3 points you freed up and put them in Nerve Wracking. This makes your spike target take 9% more damage from ALL sources. Wow, single best debuff in the entire tree, no brainer here.

The 10 skill points in the Madness tree are appropriate.

The second tanking build is designed for AOE tanking and is very, very effective, but suffers from the same misplaced talent points as the first build. You can even take that Disjunction point and put it in Corrputed Flesh in Madness for a bonus damage reduction.

The DPS trees are all so subjective, I won't even comment, people should be able to mix those around at random, and still have great results.
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