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It's likely because I am *very* active on the Shadow/Tanking forums but have never posted on the Assassin forums so all of the attention I got over there was bleed over from the Shadow/Tanking forums. The same is likely true of KBN. I also believe that Xinika and Wakalord are both a lot more active on the Assassin forums than they are on the Shadow forums, which contributes to it as well, so they've got more Assassin cache in that respect.

I *would* be really curious what it would look like if we were voting on a single Shad/Sin rep instead of 2 separate reps for each.
Yea, I figured that. It just seems so odd that the Assassin forums don't have a clear winner they want for their representative.

Looking at total votes I think yourself and Xinika would be pretty close for an overall both class representative if they did it that way. Though, some folks may be voting like I did; You for PvE on Shadows and Xinika for PvP on Assassins.