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Quote: Originally Posted by PoliteAssasin View Post
What was the point in posting that? Seriously, what are you trying to accomplish?

You're like the only "watchman/anni is underpowered in PvP" denier in the game dude. I don't what you're trying to prove by posting on the forums saying "no no guys anni is fine, you're all just bad". Pretty much everyone either knows it should get at least a little PvP buff, or is alright with consigning it to PvE for some reason. If I were you, I especially wouldn't be saying it's fine in PvP (nor would I call out the nominees for not knowing their class), considering that you don't even break 1k DPS with it in any of your youtube vids. If you want generically call us out for being bad without any substantiation, I suggest you at least remove the link to your youtube channel in your sig to avoid being made fun of.