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07.26.2013 , 02:12 AM | #15
I've searched for guides and videos all over for my sin/shadow. Xeneka/Shinarika has become the only videos I will watch, always clear, precise, and with sime kick *** music to go along with them. She has posted a guide or video after just about every update it seems. Her videos include min/max guides, gear guides, guides for each spec of the class. She has done an amazing job. No I'm not a guildie of hers. I've never chatted with her. She's not on my friends list. I've never had any contact other than watching the great product she put out. If you haven't checked out her vids, go to youtube and look her up. Older updates are under shinarika. The newer ones are under aonetta era if I'm not mistaken on the spelling.