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07.25.2013 , 11:26 PM | #51
Well, I'd like to give some feed back on the current set up of the event:

*I have maxed out my rep with the Gree over the last several times it has occurred, therefore it is useless for me to do most of the quests. I come down to do the Xeno fights once a week, & that is about all. That is a bit pointless as well though; moreover, I have all the weapons & mounts I need from it. I just go down to farm the Helixs just in case you guys ever put anything new in the vendors.

*I will say that it is awesome that you guys included Arcanian (sp) & Underworld as loot drops for the Xeno fight. However, only 2 pieces of loot drop for a 16 man group -- kinda lame. Your chances of getting a piece are rather slim, & I think that the amount of loot that drops should be increased -- like in TC. Do 8 man groups also drop 2 pieces of gear?

Well, that's my 2 cents.....I'd like to see the new event tough, but kudos on bringing something to the table. Good work over all, but just needs a bit of polish to make is great -- B average.

PS: When are we going to get class story expansions?
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