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If the vote goes my way, I can tell everyone that I am going to take a step back with regards to PvP and solicit input from those of you that primarily PvP on the Jugg. I queue up the Jugg on the rare occasion, but I have another class that I prefer to PvP with. I understand PvP, and can have effective communication with folks about it, but I'm not the expert, nor will I pretend to be.

I have zero intention of crafting our three questions alone. There are a number of PvE DPS Juggs that I can bounce ideas around with, and there seems to be more tank activity on the Guardian side that I hope to get into the conversation with regards to our mandatory PvE question. The PvP question will hopefully be crafted by those of y'all that are the subject matter experts. The third issue/question could be a bit tricky, but I hope that we can collectively determine a question that is all-encompassing and not specific to one role/playstyle.

At the end of the day, the success of this program is going to depend on the community as a whole working together, not one person trying to do it alone.

Oh, and I'm voting for Arktip.
of course you're voting for arktip, because he has the least votes and you know he wont win and you're just trying to seem like the good guy for voting for someone other than yourself.

people like you just turn this into a popularity contest.