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I have hands on account of how people post in the forums when making their post about themselves in the thread. comment is based on what the others have said themselves. Racter, I can't say anything about (though most post say PVP dps). Just going by Morde and Scoutland


Scoutland, not sure if he made a post. But the people nominating him said "Operative PVP heals"
uugh not sure how to tag that comment, but i completely disagree with the PvP comment... PvP has not had a real patch in over a year, its a lie most people play for pvp, reality is most pve players do pvp from time to time, also reality is Class forums are dominated by PvP classes, because most posts are why my class is underpowered, buff this, buff that... while PvE have their leader-boards in torparse + flashpoints forums, thats why theres pvp superiority in this side.

i would prefer a pve rep, for now, because pvpers just pvp, they think they pve because they cleared hm SaV once a month or something, with no rwz season, and no real RWZ focus in the game, PvP is just random Q pvp... i think the people that actually do competitive RWZ are even less than people who do competitive PvE end game... so yeah its more probable to have a PvE player knowing the stuff from PvP from random Qing 3-5 WZ a day... than any of these PvPers having any idea of + / - of the class in real End Game .

So the point is, it really doesnt matter who wins, basically watching as many people that Selected some PvE Players, that had no idea for example who invinc or Dizella are in terms of PvE DPS numbers, basically have no idea on the pve environment, the same way i / people might have no clue who the top voted persons are from a different server and PvP environment lol i assume they are F. beasts over there to have such recognition ... so whoever has more fans, or more people coming voting for them will win, it doesnt really matter whos better, who pvp, who pve, u will just be there to post what community ask in forums (and hopefully u willl choose smart stuff ) and MORE IMPORTANT, lets hope bioware actually do something with this, and dont make you work for nothing there lolol... because normally community complains, are real complains of small fixes.
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