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07.25.2013 , 04:43 PM | #90
I tell my healers nightly how appericative I am for their ability and willingness to play as a healer class in this game. Its either super duper pain in the *** to heal crap (i.e. pre-nerf-nerf orginal dreadguards) or its a snooze fest boring as can be (current dreadguards).

I played EQ2 as a healer for 8+ years....I enjoyed it 100x better than healing in this game, so I always make sure to thank my healers here.

Perhaps EQ2 had too much capabilities for healing classes, but I always feel like I don't have enough tools at my disposal to do the healing job (maybe thats why I don't heal in this game)....EQ2, as an Inquisitor we'd have:

single small heal
single big heal
single class specific heal
group ae direct heal
group ae class specific heal
alternative achievement group class specific heal on longer reuse
single target cure
group cure
2nd group cure from advanced class capabilities as an Inquisitor (from our mythical class weapon)
death prevent Oh s*** ability
Oh s*** single target class specific heal ability
Oh s*** group class specific heal ability

Not to mention tons of other stuff I'm forgetting perhaps...

seems SWTOR kinda dipped their toes into the class specific healing trinity like EQ2 had (Reactive healing, HoT Healing, and Shield/Protective/Ward healing)

Dunno really how I got off on this tangent about my gripes with healing in this game in relation to ops....something to do with the pain and annoyance our healers had when we killed dreadguards before they ever got nerfed versus how they felt about the fight after this latest nerf... I guess.