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07.25.2013 , 04:33 PM | #65
I just really REALLY hope some BioWarian comes around and tell us exactly why they decided to ruin the seeker droid? What was the reasoning behind it? Cause I seriously don't get it.

If it was to make people get their speeders, the other suggestion in this thread (making the parts able to be put on the GTN) would be way better. This way impatient people who don't like seeker droid wouldn't have to do it, and people who did like it could make a bit of cash hunting for those people.
Instead, now we got the worst of both worlds.
Everyone just getting the parts and moving on since seeker droid hunting is absolutely no fun anymore. For a past-time so advertised with RoHC and obviously spend a LOT of time at, why, WHY, did you decided to flush all that down the toilet.
Or is it just down to plain incompetance and is it broken as result of bad patching, and never intended to work as now? If so, do please say so and a "will be fixed in 2.3". It wont take long!