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The assassin/shadow is still dead last though. The tinfoil hat in me says they're buying as much time as they can before having to discuss assassin tanks . But I'm not much for wearing foil hats.
The optimist in me is making me think that the developers already recognize the current major issues that face Shadows and Assassins (Phase Walk being terrible and tank spikiness) since we've spent the last 3 months attempting to beat them into their skulls. In essence, they're going to try and push fixes to the existing issues that they already know about before the class reps come up for those classes so that they can get asked about stuff that they're not likely to know about and avoid a crapton of hate that they would have to go through if the question was answered with "a fix is on the way".

The realist in me is thinking that they're buying themselves time to get familiar with said classes that they don't play before they're slammed with questions about the specific design/balance *of* said classes. Shad/Sins are last because the devs have pretty much outright said that none of them *play* Shad/Sins (or, at the very least, none of them play them *seriously* to any extent; ex: none of their in-house testing is done with Shad/Sins *at all*) and the only thing that they use to balance them are abstract formulas because they, quite literally, have no idea how to balance them otherwise since they don't play them enough to understand things from an experiential standpoint.

The pessimist in me is thinking that they're just stringing the community along. Shad/Sins have been pretty much *the* most vocal AC which you can tell by looking at the sheer number of voting options: Shadows have 6 and Assassins have 5, more than any other AC-pair (not to mention the outright *longest* nomination threads). To prevent any bad answers that they're likely to provide from hemorrhaging players as their *lack* of communication was threatening to do before they decided to implement the class rep system, they're putting Shadows and Assassins last in the lists to buy themselves more time.

All-in-all, I'm kind of irked that Shadows and Assassins are going to be last and more than a bit perturbed that it's only 2 ACs every 2 weeks. I realize that they're busy, but is it really all that difficult to schedule an hour every week for the dev team to look at questions from the players? Of course, it's apparently too difficult for the combat team to actually spend an hour or so every week keeping abreast of the forums themselves so I guess it might *still* be asking a bit much of them (I have to wonder how hard the community team had to argue with the combat team to get them to make even *this* small of a compromise on dealing with the community directly; I get the feeling that they likely had to get "dad and mom", i.e. the producers/execs, to *tell* the combat team that they had to do it).
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