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07.25.2013 , 03:17 PM | #10
two down more to go. I am happy to hear at least something is being done.

Revan's Primary Color
Investigator's Double Hood
Pathfinder's Double Hood
Preceptor's Voss buttflap clips out of the jedi robe, needs to be removed.
Bastila Shan's Shoulderpads clipping inside
Thana Vesh's buttcloth being glitchy on males
Diabolist's Hood clipping showing bald heads and ears out of the hood on the back left
Republic Away symbol on the chest is supposed to be white. Not blue, the Item ICON and Collections PICTURE show it white.
Relaxed Vestments on females cuts up part of the body under the right breast like an unfinished body mesh.
Life Day Orb doesn't cast as long as the other heal abilities, not healing us to full.
Flourish is broken, it isn't supposed to have us put our weapon away, then have it magically fly out our body.