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Hey guys,
Remember while voting all that Xinika has done for the Assassin community over the past year and a half. From her constant posting in the class/PvP forums, to her many videos showcasing the high skill cap that the class has and the guides to help you play at such a level as well ( She is one of the last few people that truly cares about this game and strives to make it better, so please, do yourself a favor and vote for her for your class rep.
Also vote here for Shadow Rep:
Xinika has indeed done much for the sin community, unfortunately this sort of system amounts to a popularity contest more than who is the most qualified.
Having said that I'm still voting Eaten because he wants to address madness and I know he's a fellow deception player who shares my disappointment for how it has never been a viable dps spec for rated play, and he has also contributed much for the community, as keyboardninja has.
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