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Seriously, Assassins and Commandos are among the 2 classes that really need some questions answered and we have to wait until November. Really??
Remember guys, that November timeline just means that is when the Assassin and Commando Representatives put forward their specific top 3. However, they are exact mirrors to the Shadow and the Mercenary which happen 2 months before that:

Friday 9/13 Shadow
Friday 9/13 Mercenary

Don't necessarily just look at your specific class, remember their mirror as the top 3 are likely to be identical. We also plan to encourage one Rep (such as the Shadow) to work hand in hand with their mirror (the Assassin). Also in our responses to each AC we plan to address abilities names for both ACs so folks on both sides can keep track of the answers more easily. Ex: Reference both Maul (Assassin) and Shadow Strike (Shadow).

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