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Hey folks,

I wanted to lay out the rest of the information about the Class Representatives initiative. Mainly specifying the “calendar” for one each AC will be submitting their top 3 and also which side of the mirror will represent them each time! Here is the current schedule, note that the date listed is when the specific Class Rep will need to post the top 3.

Friday 8/2 – Sniper
Friday 8/2 – Sentinel

Friday 8/16 – Sorcerer
Friday 8/16 – Vanguard

Friday 8/30 – Scoundrel
Friday 8/30 – Juggernaut

Friday 9/13 – Shadow
Friday 9/13 – Mercenary

Friday 9/27 – Gunslinger
Friday 9/27 – Marauder

Friday 10/11 – Sage
Friday 10/11 – Powertech

Friday 10/25 – Operative
Friday 10/25 – Guardian

Friday 11/8 – Assassin
Friday 11/8 – Commando

As always if you have any questions feel free to post them in this thread. I will be in touch with individual Reps as they are selected next week. Remember, polling will close on Monday, July 29th.

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