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Eventually the boards will be "most accurate" several weeks from now when ~everyone is in 75s. Until then people can post parses for the fun of it. If you want to delve deeper into the parse and ignore the big red number, you will find that DPS is actually irrelevant. When comparing logs of the same spec, you can see the more important things such as # of hits or # of ability activations and that is what people need to look at instead of DPS numbers imho.

Parse A has X number of ability activations over 5 minutes and did 3200 DPS
Parse B has the same X number of ability activations over 5 minutes and did 3000 DPS because he is undergeared

for all intents and purposes both people "played just fine". Once in a while the stars align and you see someone post something like:

Parse C, which has the same X number of ability activations over 5 minutes, but had 15% more crit chance and did 3600 DPS.

Parse C did not do something extremely "pro" compared to Parse A and B. He just had more lucky crits.
Parse A is not better than Parse B, he just had more gear. These things people can see if you look past the DPS numbers and spend a little time figuring out # of ability use or ability activations all of which are available in the Log section of torparse. Turning these threads into a i have bigger DPS #s boards i think defeats the greater purpose of these threads. It can help people improve by pointing out what they need to do more, or what they are doing less. This is why i dont think there needs to be a flag for people in 75s and why the focus should be less on DPS #s (which stands out) but more on ability usage (which does not have a # attached to it) when parsing on the training dummy.

Just an opinion
That makes sense.