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Now that guilds are clearing nim SV, do we need to bump this up to gear lvl 75s? I know my merc won't see a 75 main hand or offhand soon, and I know some people already probably have it.
I was just wondering if the parses posted in 75s should have a flag or not.
It is under consideration and I'm thinking of a non-cluttering way of doing so.

Quote: Originally Posted by SheikShmoove View Post
Another idea: for specs that get pushed off the top 5 for their class, could we have some sort of "Honorable Mention" or "top parses for other specs" so we can continue to track how they are performing? For example, Gyronamics has a 2800+ parse with Assault Commando, and I think there was some parses in the 2600-2700 range for AP/Tactics and Pyro/Assault VGs. I know these are not chart toppers, but it would be nice to know how all the DPS specs are currently performing.
Unfortunately, this won't happen. While I do agree that such specs should have some recognition, this is not the thread to be doing so. This thread is a leaderboard, not a representation of every spec. The place for recognizing different specs should be in the class forums.
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