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07.25.2013 , 11:32 AM | #89
I usually dont complain about boss 'nerfs', but this was a completely idiotic nerf on the Dread Guards. We killed it weeks ago, but seeing this stat eof the boss and compare to the other version, its like not even the same fight anymore.. I can agree with the health pool nerf, only because the current unbalance of the dps classes (shadows/vanguards vs gunslingers/sentinels), but nerfing the damage output of the bosses just ridiculous. Why? I cant think a reason why they had to do this, the tank classes and heal classes are fine (maybe a shadow tanks are a bit weaker these days), you could kill the boss even with the most idiotic heal/tank compostitions.

I know that Bioware wont buff back the boss, at least there isnt a precedent for that in MMO history, but please next time dont swing the nerf bat this wide and without reason on Nightmare bosses. its supposed to be harder than the joke state of the HM bosses.

Cheers, T.
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