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What exactly is the representative going to do?

What will their job be?

How will having a representative help?
Explanation here.

Basically, the class rep is going to be a community aggregate for the issues affecting the class the most, choose the 3 most pertinent questions to ask the developers concerning those issues (1 PvP, 1 PvE, 1 wildcard), and then get responses to those questions from the combat team.

This will help because, historically, the community team has completely dropped the ball on getting class balance/performance issues to the dev team while simultaneously providing feedback *to* the community concerning said issues. At worst, we'll at least get *responses* from the developers concerning said issues, which is more than we currently get (Musco has stated that the dev team will *respond* but we aren't necessarily going to like their response since it may disagree).

Basically, it's going to facilitate something like a dialogue between the community and the combat team when there's really been nothing *close* to anything like a dialogue historically.
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