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plz tell me how much u were contributing to the warzone as u were kiting this assassin around

yea madness is a fun 1v1 build but it has very little large scale effectiveness, especially seeing as force management for longer node battles will always be an issue

let me pat u on the back though for beating a melee with full madness
Thanks, I feel good now. As to your question I was on my way back after a score/stopping one and we fought a health spawn by the pit. As to contributions madness is one of the better specs due to the ability to repeatedly spam roots on the ball carrier every 9s regardless of resolve. At this point we were aleady well on our way to winning so a couple of brief respites on my way back to the ball wasn't hurting anyone.

That said I don't always run madness. I run all specs depending on how I am feeling when I pug. This time I happened to feel like madness and happened to get a HB match.
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